Top 5 Places To Visit In Asia This Summer Other Then Thailand

Top 5 Places To Visit In Asia This Summer Other Then Thailand

Snow is melting and winter is soon going to end , summer is not far , everyone is planning a trip to their favorite summerdestination and you have been planning that as well , so we are making your planning a little more easier. At least once in a lifetime, you should make a point of visiting any one of these locations in Asia and experience the thrills and heritage of the East.

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This post has combined a list of 5 amazing and best places to visit in Asia in summer 2021 .

1. Okinawa , Japan

The beauty of Okinawa is so much intoxicating that you want don’t want to go back from there. Okinawa is a paradise where colorful flowers of the subtropics bloom the year-round. Filled with gorgeous semi-tropical, white-sand beaches and clear turquoise water, it is amongst the perfect summer vacation destinations in Asia.

Things to do:

  • Go hiking, canoeing and bird watching in the Ufugi Nature Museum.
  • Watch the manta rays at the Karama and Ishigaki Island.
  • Go Scuba diving at Miyoko Island which has Japan’s largest coral reefs.
  • Visit the historical Shure Castle and city gates built in the 14th century.

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2. El Nido, Phillippines

Philippines have so many travel destination that you will not be able to choose one .Your might loose the count , but its enchanting beautiful places you don’t want to loose . El Nido has an idyllic setting of a beach vacation if there was one. With almost surreal landscape consisting of white sandy beaches, cliffs, turquoise water and tropical forests. Makes it the place you will regret, if you miss it

Things to do:

  • Visit the beautiful Nagkalit-kalit Waterfalls
  • Climb the Tarah Peak a limestone karst rising over El Nido for a beautiful view of Biscuit Bay.
  • Take a guided tour of Belay Counion to learn about village life.
  • Trek the Makin it Hot Springs.

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3. Bali, Indonesia

There has been much said and written about Bali, Full of magnificent beaches, as well as breathtaking mountains, valleys and lakes it is an ideal spot to escape your daily grind for a fabulous holiday.

Things to do:

  • Visit Balangan, one of the most gorgeous beaches on the entire island of Bali.
  • Learn to surf on the Kutak Beach.
  • Climb Mount Batur for a gorgeous sunrise.
  • Go rafting on Agung River at Siyan.
  • Visit the Ululate temple to see the famous Keck dance at sunset.
  • Go for an Elephant safari at the Bali Elephant Safari Park located in the village of Taro.

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4. Udaipur, India

Known as the city of Lake Situated in the state of Maharajas and palaces. This city is famous for its beautiful architectured buildings and its food , art , culture ,heritage and many more. Beyond the tangible beauty of the city is a lively arts scene, authentic cultural shows, colorful bazaars and a more relaxed vibe.

Things to do:

· Visit Moor Chowk

· Zenana Mahal ,the instar-famous blue interior of the City Palace can be found here inside the queen’s chambers.

· Bade Mahal, the highest point of the Udaipur City Palace complex, the Garden Palace was used for royal banquets on special occasions such as Diwali and Holi.

· Moti Mahal, the ‘Palace of the Pearls’, Moti Mahal is surrounded by mirrored walls and stained glass windows, creating amazing reflections and the ultimate Instagram playground.

5. Hoi Ann, Vietnam

This city on Vietnam’s central coast has long been a tourist favorite, attracting visitors who appreciate its eclectic architecture, energetic nightlife, and flowing canals. But what really sets it apart for our readers are the culture and people.

Best of all, it’s easy to get around (try renting a bike) and very affordable, making it the favorite city in Vietnam — and all of Asia — for our readers.

Things to do :

· Boating

· Go Café hopping

· Visit beach

· Shop for so venires

· Stroll the ancient times

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